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Photo credit: Arts Extension Service, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Background Image: Arts Extension Service, University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) is a membership organization representing the world’s leading graduate and undergraduate arts administration programs – all training and equipping students in arts leadership, management, entrepreneurship, cultural policy, and more.

For Students: AAAE provides online resources for anyone interested in studying arts administration. Our searchable database features the world’s leading undergraduate and graduate arts administration programs around the world.

For Educators & Practitioners: Learn more about our Membership options, and AAAE’s annual conference which brings hundreds of arts administration educators, practitioners and graduate students for a multi-day convening.

Arts Administration is a field of study that provides graduates with the tools to create, develop, facilitate and evaluate arts and cultural programs and organizations. The field was established in response to an ever-growing demand for leadership and organizational acumen within arts and cultural organizations. Arts administrators bridge the artistic world and creative industries with applied managerial, financial, and programmatic skills.


The Arts Administrator’s Creed: 5 Guiding Principles for Your Arts Admin Career

Originally published in NYFA Business Empowering advice from arts administrators nationwide on how to define and achieve success in your life and work. Arts administrators work behind-the-scenes on behalf of artists and creatives everywhere, providing resources, support, and structure for their projects and practices. Often, these types of jobs combine a passion for the arts […]