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Viterbo University

Arts Management Minor

The Minor in Arts administrations provides students with the skills  needed to help arts facilities to run smoothly so artists, production teams, and audiences have an exceptional experience at events. Art directors, creative services managers, and directors of development have a passion for the visual and performing arts enhanced by a strong foundation of business practices.


Wagner College

Arts Administration

Get a foundation in the performing and/or visual arts along with skills in business administration to prepare you for leadership and management positions in arts-related organizations. This program is most appropriate for highly motivated, self-starting, achievement-oriented students. Choose a concentration in art, media management, music, theater, or combined arts. The capstone is a full-time internship, where you can apply your coursework in a fast-paced workplace in the New York metro...


Wayne State University

Music Business

The concentration in music business combines the study of music business and business administration with a focus in developing professional skills necessary for careers in the for-profit sector of the Music Industry and adminstrative positions within major non-profit organizations.


Winona State University

Arts Administration Minor

As arts organizations become increasingly complex, they will demand knowledgeable, skilled individuals who possess: aesthetic sensibility business acumen a keen understanding of current issues and trends relevant to an organization's health, prosperity and, in some cases, survival Designed primarily, but not exclusively, for students in the performing and visual arts, the minor in Arts Administration will complement student's training as artists, teachers, and practitioners, and...