Program Location Certification Tags
Arizona State University, Herberger Institute for Design and the ArtsThe Design School
MFA Theatre (Arts Entrepreneurship and Management)
Arizona, United States
MFA (Graduate) Applied Learning, Board Leadership, Consulting, Creative Industries, Entrepreneurship, Internships, Leadership, MFA, Theater, Theatre
Arts Extension Service, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Arts Administration
Massachusetts, United States
Certificate (Undergraduate) accredited, alumni network, Applied Learning, Arts Management, arts policy, Board Leadership, Certificate, coaching, community arts, Consulting, Creative Industries, creative placemaking, cultural equity, Dance, DEI, diversity, EALS, Entrepreneurship, Fellowship, festival management, inclusion, inter-disciplinary, international, Internships, Kennedy Center, Leadership, Management, MBA, MFA, Multidisciplinary, museums, Music, national, non-profit, Online, Performing Arts, practicum, Scotland, Smithsonian, Sotheby's, Theater, Theatre, thought leader, UMass Amherst, Urban Campus, Visual Arts
Southern Utah University
Arts Administration
Cedar City
Utah, United States
MFA (Graduate) alumni network, Applied Learning, arts policy, Board Leadership, community arts, Fellowship, festival management, inter-disciplinary, Internships, Leadership, Management, MFA, Multidisciplinary, museums, Performing Arts, Theater, Theatre, Visual Arts
Virginia Tech
MFA in Theatre in Arts Leadership
Virginia, United States
MFA (Graduate) Applied Learning, Board Leadership, Fellowship, Internships, Leadership, Management, MFA, Multidisciplinary, Performing Arts, Theatre