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AAAE connects its members to a world of colleagues, insights, research, and professional development opportunities.

Member benefits include:

  * Institutional program profiles at, which receives more than 10,500 unique views per month. Members report it as an effective recruitment and outreach tool.
  * Access to members-only resources including the content repository and publications database. 
  * The best rates for the AAAE annual conference.
  * The members-only e-newsletter and access to the members-only listserv.
  * Ability to post jobs at at no cost. The job boards receive more than 5,000 unique views per month.
  * Reciprocal member rates for the ENCATC conference, and benefits from other partner organizations.
  * One vote on all membership matters per named faculty on an institutional membership.

AAAE offers four primary types of memberships (click each one to learn more):

Individual or Student Membership

Collaborator Membership

Institutional Membership

Developmental Membership

Institutional memberships are open to graduate and undergraduate academic programs in arts and cultural administration, arts policy, and research that meet AAAE requirements. Developmental memberships are offered to academic institutions that do not yet meet full membership requirements. Collaborator, Individual, and Student memberships are available for those unaffiliated with degree-granting programs, and still interested in education, research, policy, and practice in arts and cultural management.

Please note: If you represent an academic program that qualifies for institutional membership, please pursue an institutional membership with AAAE. If you do not currently represent an academic arts administration program, please apply as a developmental, collaborator, individual or student member as appropriate.

Individual Membership ($90/year) is open to any interested individual not currently affiliated with an AAAE organizational membership. These might be faculty members in academic programs, or scholars or researchers in unaffiliated departments or programs. Individuals wishing to serve as representatives of their program should join as associate or full members, as appropriate.

Student Membership ($30/year) is open to individuals who are registered in college or university arts administration degree programs or in other degree programs who wish to contribute to and learn from the members of AAAE.

Individual or Student Memberships receive all core benefits:

  * Access to online tools including the theses and publications databases
  * Best rates for AAAE's annual conference
  * Waiver of $50 fee for posting jobs at
  * Ability to add publications and theses to online databases
  * Inclusion in the listserv
  * Opportunity to review and provide feedback on emerging AAAE programs, documents, and policies
  * Reciprocal conference rates and special event opportunities with ENCATC
  * Access to post-conference presentations library
  * Enrollment in the AAAE e-newsletter
  * Exclusive subscription rate for GIA Reader
  * Opportunity to join Yale Theatre Knowledge Database

Join AAAE now at the Individual or Student Level

Collaborator Membership ($300/year): Collaborator Membership is open to any organization that wishes to participate in the association’s programs and conferences.. Collaborator memberships are non-voting and are open to any organization that does not and will not award arts administration degrees.

All core benefits named above PLUS:

  * Program/organization profile at (10,000 unique views per month)
  * Eligibility to sit on AAAE committees as need/interest arises

Join AAAE now at the Collaborator Level

Developmental Membership ($350/year) is open to institutions of higher education that are interested in developing and/or offering degrees in arts administration but do not yet meet the eligibility requirements for institutional membership.

All core benefits named above PLUS:

  * Program/organization profile at (10,500 unique views per month)
  * Eligibility to sit on AAAE committees as need/interest arises

Developmental Membership Form

Institutional Membership ($500/year, may add affiliate faculty for $50 each/year) is open to institutions with established arts administration or related programs. Each membership includes two named faculty and institutions may choose to include affiliate faculty in the membership. The program criteria are:

  1. A designated director with curricular oversight authority
  2. Confer a graduate or undergraduate degree in arts administration or a related discipline, or confer a comparable academic credential determined acceptable by the board
  3. A published arts administration curriculum approved by the program’s host department or college
  4. Currently enrolled students at time of application

All core benefits named above PLUS:

  * Institutional profile at (10,500 unique views per month)
  * One vote per faculty member named on the membership on all membership issues. Each membership includes two named faculty and institutions may choose to include affiliate faculty in the membership.
  * Authorization to use AAAE logo on institutional recruitment or identity marketing/outreach materials.
  * Marketing of jobs posted on the AAAE job board via AAAE's communication channels.

Institutional membership is subject to application and approval by the AAAE board.

Institutional Membership Application

Application (for Institutional membership) is a one-time process; members need not re-apply year to year unless their programs have undergone significant structural change.