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Nine Effective Practices -- Limitless Perspectives!

Audience building, diversification, and engagement are cornerstones of arts administration education and practice. And many of the arts administration field’s most compelling voices have given these subjects attention in research, online discourse, teaching and more. AAAE and The Wallace Foundation are partnering to bring the best of these voices to the fore with AAAE’s first-ever Content Competition.

We are looking for the very best content you’ve built that exemplifies, expounds upon, or aligns with The Wallace Foundation’s Nine Effective Practices of Audience Building. Do you have the perfect lecture on effective growth and change? Have you published an article or blog post on market research in the arts? We want to celebrate your fresh perspective and at the same time, start new conversations around The Wallace Foundation’s Nine Effective Practices.

We are pleased to announce the first ever AAAE Content Competition, held with support from The Wallace Foundation.


A competition for academic work pieces/projects that exemplify, expound upon, or align with The Wallace Foundation’s Nine Effective Practices of Audience Building.


Give us your best content: articles, case studies, research projects, lectures, panel presentations, and other academic work that exemplifies, expounds upon, and/or aligns with the themes of the Wallace Foundation’s Nine Effective Practices of Audience Building. We’re looking for new perspectives and fresh voices that focus on audience building, engagement, and diversification.

Entries must be recent work (created and/or published no earlier than 2013) and original. AAAE assumes no rights or ownership over submissions. Contestants warranty that submissions are original work and contestants retain complete ownership of all content and do not infringe on any copyrighted work. 


The Wallace Foundation's Nine Effective Practices for Building Arts Audiences

All arts administration researchers, instructors, or practitioners are invited to submit. Contest participants need not be AAAE members or 2017 conference attendees. Advanced student entries are welcome.


The winner will receive a $800 cash prize and one complimentary registration to the 2017 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. The winner will also have the opportunity to present and discuss their winning entry at the conference.


Entries will be reviewed by our panel of judges comprised of audience building and/or arts and culture experts from the field.

Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of:

-Perspective: Does this content offer a fresh or unique perspective on the themes? Is it creative in its approach and/or format?

-Quality: Is the content thoughtful, cohesive, complete, and suitable for advanced practitioners, learners, or consumers?

-Creativity: Is the content innovative, cross-disciplinary, or unconventional? Does the author/creator take an unexpected approach?





We are pleased to announce the judges for the Content Competition:

bob harlow

Bob Harlow
Researcher and Author of The Wallace Foundation's Taking Out the Guesswork


Drew McManus Hi Res 01 Square

Drew McManus
Orchestra Business Expert and author of



Donna Walker-Kuhne
Walker International Communications





Submit your entry to AAAE at no later than March 24, 2017 (the deadline has been extended from March 20). Entries must consist of:

  1. A cover letter that includes brief biographical information of the entry author(s)/creator(s), a summary of the entry, and any historical or circumstantial context that should accompany the entry.

  2. An electronic presentation of the entry. Examples include: PDFs of articles or case studies, short-form video or digital presentations, or an online portfolio.

The winners of this competition will be announced no later than April 20. By submitting, contestants agree to AAAE using their name and image for promotional purposes. 

Please direct any questions or requests for further information to An FAQ may be published if needed.