AAAE Bylaw Amendments Approved!

AAAE Newsroom

I am pleased to inform you that our election results are in, and the bylaw amendments have been approved! 

Out of the 88 ballots submitted, 78 voters approved the amendments, while only 7 voters rejected them. There were 3 abstentions. 

With the approval of these amendments, members in all membership categories (including graduate student members) can now be nominated to serve on the AAAE Board. The next call for nominations opens on November 1st.

Approved AAAE Bylaw Amendments:

  • AAAE voting privileges are now open to all paying AAAE members in good standing in all membership categories. 
  • All paying AAAE members in good standing (in all membership categories) are now eligible to be nominated to serve on the AAAE Board (including graduate student members). 
    • No more than one student can serve at a time on the AAAE Board and students must be in a graduate program. This is not a designated Board position. Student Board members can continue Board service after graduating
  • The DEI Liaison is now a Voting Officer Position.

Thanks to all for your support and work on these efforts!