2020 Eligible Board Nominees & Call for Comment Letters - Due Jan. 20, 2020

AAAE Newsroom

We are pleased to announce the six eligible Nominees for the 2020 AAAE Board elections!

Please click on the individual names below to read bios and position statements for each Nominee. 

  1. Aaron P. Dworkin (Individual Member)
  2. Dr. Daniel T. Green (Institutional Member)
  3. Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson (Institutional Member)
  4. Dr. Keith D. Lee (Individual Member)
  5. Sharbreon Plummer (Student member)
  6. DeMarcus Akeem Suggs (Student member)

There are currently 3 open seats on the AAAE Board. Newly elected Board members will be installed at the annual conference at Baruch College in May 2020.

Per AAAE's newly adopted Board Development Policy, the AAAE Board Development Committee (BDC) will be working over the next several weeks to conduct background checks and schedule individual phone conversations with the Nominees. The Nominees are not considered Candidates for the ballot until they are vetted and approved by the BDC and voted on by the AAAE Board. 

Call for Comment Letters - Due January 20, 2020

The BDC's review of Nominees may include not only a review of objective information provided by the Nominee (e.g., biography, resume/CV, Letters of Reference), but also subjective information submitted by their colleagues that may provide insight with regard to suitability, fitness, capability and related leadership and service potential. Members of AAAE may provide such comments to the BDC in the form of Comment Letters.

Should you wish to submit information about your nominated colleagues for AAAE's consideration, please send Comment Letters to nominations@artsadministration.org by the deadline of January 20, 2020.

Rules regarding Comment Letters:

  • Anonymous Comment Letters will not be accepted. The name of the author of the letter must be included within each letter.
  • All submitted Comment Letters will be closely held as part of the BDC's confidential deliberations.
  • The BDC will submit a summary of key points in Comment Letters to Nominees upon receipt. The summary will not include the source or author of comments.
  • The Nominee will see the summary of key points from submitted Comment Letters before they are submitted to the Board. 
  • The Nominee has the opportunity to promptly respond to comments, and/or decide to pull out of the process altogether - eliminating the need for the AAAE Board to see the comments.
  • The BDC will submit full copies of Comment Letters, including sources, to the Board for each Nominee, should the Nominee consent.

Determining the Final Slate of Candidates for the Ballot:

The BDC will prepare a report of its work for review by the AAAE Board. The report will include a full list of all Nominees, application materials for each Nominee, a completed Rubric Form for each Nominee, and any applicable/allowed Comment Letters. The final slate of Candidates is to be determined by the AAAE Board. The selected Candidates will be posted on the AAAE Web site by February 20th.

The elections will open via online ballot between March 20 - April 5, 2020, and AAAE members across all membership categories will have 15 days to cast their votes.

Please be sure to review the Board Development Policy and Nominations Timeline for an overview of the process, policies and important dates!

Bonnie Carpenter, Non Board BDC member (bonniecarp213@gmail.com)
Karen Chandler (chandlerk@cofc.edu)
Fleurette Fernando (fsferna2@central.uh.edu)
Dr. Yuha Jung, AAAE DEI Liaison (Ex-Officio) (yuha.jung@uky.edu)
Kevin Maifeld (Ex-Officio) (maifeldk@seattleu.edu)
Ximena Varela (varela@american.edu)
Sherry Wagner-Henry (BDC Chair) (sherry.wagner-henry@wisc.edu)