2020 AAAE Board Nominations Open Nov. 1, 2019!

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2020 AAAE Board Nominations 

Open Nov. 1, 2019

  • All AAAE members in good standing (in all membership categories) are eligible to be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Student members must be enrolled in a graduate level program to be eligible to serve on the Board
  • Newly elected Board members will be installed at the annual conference at Baruch College in May 2020

Open 2020 AAAE Board Positions

* 2 Open Seats in 2020

* 4 Re-elections in 2020:

  • Larry Epstein up for re-election for 2nd term                                                                                            
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry up for re-election for 2nd term
  • Michael Wilkerson up for election into his own term (fulfilling the remainder of Dr. Brea Heidelberg’s second term)
  • Anne Frost up for election into her own term (fulfilling the remainder of Sun Man Tseng’s term)

Application Materials Due by December 15, 2019

All materials must be emailed to nominations@artsadministration.org by December 15, 2019:

  • Completed Election Nomination Form (not applicable if self-nominating)
  • Completed Application Form 
  • A minimum of two Letters of Reference (to be emailed with materials by nominee at the time of application, or emailed by the reference directly to nominations@artsadministration.org)
  • A CV or resume 
  • A short bio (300 words) outlining professional experience, and a position statement (250 words) describing how you plan to serve and what you will bring to the role - to be used on the AAAE website and other AAAE communications related to the elections.
  • * Nominees who have applied in the past must update and resubmit application materials

Important Dates to Remember

  • All eligible Nominees are posted to the AAAE Website and announced via AAAE’s communication channels by December 15, and an open call for Comment Letters about the Nominees will be communicated to all AAAE members.
    • Rules regarding Comment Letters will be clearly communicated with members.
  • All Comment Letters need to be submitted by January 20th to be considered.
  • January 20 through January 31: The Board Development Committee conducts Nominee
    conversations, and completes Nominee Rubric Form.
  • Chosen candidates are notified of their advancement to the ballot by February 15
  • Nominees who are not selected to proceed to the final slate and ballot will receive a summary of factors considered in the Board’s decision. 
  • All candidates must give approval in writing by February 20 in order to have their names placed on the ballot, and indicate their willingness and ability to meet the obligations of the office/position as defined by the Board of Directors.
  • February 20: The names of and relevant information regarding each chosen candidate will be posted on the AAAE Web site, a news release will be issued, and an open call for for Petitions will be communicated to all AAAE members.
    • Rules regarding Petitions will be clearly communicated with members.
  • The posted slate of candidates is subject to addition by petition for 30 days (by March 20).
  • March 20 through April 5 (15 days): Elections open via online ballot voting process.
  • Newly elected Board members will be installed at the annual conference at Baruch College in May 2020!

All Nominees should review the following documents (found HERE) carefully:

  • AAAE Nominations Timeline
  • AAAE Officer Roles and Responsibilities 
  • AAAE Board Roles and Responsibilities 
  • AAAE Board Development Policy
  • AAAE Amended Bylaws

Criteria for Office

Criteria for Office: AAAE recognizes that the strength and effectiveness of the Board is reflected in the balance, experience, and diversity of the individual Directors and their commitment to devote the necessary time and attention to oversee the affairs of the organization. The slate of candidates should show balance in terms of gender, racial/ethnic minorities, geographical diversity and size of program. The Board Development Committee shall assess the Board’s current composition and identify missing qualities and characteristics. Criteria for office is listed below:

  • Diversity of age; geography; ethnic/racial/gender identity;
  • Program and/or organization type and size;
  • Professional and/or academic experience;
  • Management or other leadership experience outside of AAAE;
  • Peer feedback (per Letters of Reference submitted, and any submitted Comment Letters if applicable);
  • Demonstrated engagement with AAAE via committee participation, conference attendance and/or participation, or other forms of engagement;
  • A clearly articulated vision of a potential contribution that is both innovative and aligned with AAAE's mission;
  • Personal and professional conduct is consistent with the mission and purpose of AAAE (as indicated in application materials and any submitted Comment Letters if applicable);
  • Criminal background check is clean. Felony convictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis - and any involving violence, lewd acts, and theft, will result in a disqualification.

Disqualifying Criteria:

  • Incomplete application materials and/or failure to submit materials by the stated deadline;
  • A felony conviction involving violence, lewd acts, and theft;
  • Failure to pay AAAE member dues and remain in good standing with the organization;
  • Other conduct raising concerns about (i) a nominee’s ability to act in a manner consistent with AAAE’s mission and purpose or (ii) a nominee’s presence on the Board of Directors adversely reflecting upon AAAE.

2019/20 AAAE Board Development Committee Members

  • Karen Chandler (chandlerk@cofc.edu)
  • Fleurette Fernando (fsferna2@central.uh.edu)
  • Dr. Yuha Jung, AAAE DEI Liaison (Ex-Officio) (yuha.jung@uky.edu)
  • Kevin Maifeld (Ex-Officio) (maifeldk@seattleu.edu)
  • Ximena Varela (varela@american.edu)
  • Sherry Wagner-Henry (Chair) (sherry.wagner-henry@wisc.edu)
  • Non Board BDC member - TBA shortly

** All materials must be emailed to nominations@artsadministration.org by December 15, 2019**

AAAE Statement of Confidentiality

By its nature, the nominating process requires a high degree of confidentiality, especially with regard to the nominee deliberations and vote totals. All teleconferences, discussions and deliberations involving nominees, candidates, vote totals, and other sensitive items related to the nomination process, must remain confidential.