Theatre Manager

Organization: New Jersey City University
Category: Executive
Type: Full-time

Theatre Manager

Feb 1, 2017



Job Summary:

The Manager of the NJCU Theatres is responsible for overseeing, operating, scheduling and maintaining University theatres at NJCU as well as providing expertise, guidance and on-site support when NJCU executes events at off-site venues. The Manager reports to the Director of Event Services. He/she ensures the facilities are properly maintained and updated. The Manager will work closely with the Department of Music, Dance & Theatre, which is the primary client to support their programs and performance events, in addition to working with other campus departments/organizations, student productions, external rentals and community groups who use the theatres. He/she will oversee the work of a part-time Technical Director and will hire and manage on an “as needed” basis (hourly) a production team to provide technical support for the various productions and events.

Job Responsibilities: Serve as the key liaison between the Department of Event Services and any organization/individual interested in using one of the college’s theatres; Margaret Williams Theatre, West Side Theatre and their support facilities.

Serve as liaison between Department of Event Services and any organization/individual interested in using any campus space for theatrical/concert/performance related events to assist with production requirements and coordinate with respective person(s) in charge of the other campus venues.

Provide guidance, expertise and production support to NJCU departments or affiliated and external organizations pertaining to performance/concert/theatrical events which may take place at off-campus venues.

Coordinate the usage and schedules of the Margaret Williams Theatre, West Side Theatre and their support facilities based on priorities established by NJCU and implemented through the Department of Event Services.

Maintain master event schedule calendar for Margaret Williams Theatre, West Side Theatre and their support facilities.

Ensure compliance with University and theatre policies by facility users.

Plan and oversee maintenance and upgrading of the facilities in conjunction with the Director of Event Services and the Facilities Department.

Coordinate basic maintenance repairs and cleaning with the Facilities and Housekeeping Departments.

Specify and enter requisitions for equipment and supplies for the theatres and work within budget allocated for such expenses.

Provide lighting services (basic design, hang, focus, operation) for both theatres as required, and at other campus venues and off-campus venues used by campus departments when possible.

Provide basic sound services for events at both theatres including setup, recording, and operation, and also at other campus venues and at off-campus venues used by campus departments when possible.

Provide limited video services for events in theatres including set-up, signal routing, one-camera recording and remote broadcasting.

Willing to contribute towards fulfillment of all production components of Music, Dance & Theater Department productions including ordering equipment, rentals, building sets, lighting, sound, production and budget management.

Provide sound and lighting consultation, upon request, to the University community,

Compile and regularly update a policy manual, general information, tech specs, equipment inventories, etc. for both theatres.

Distribute in advance of each month a “calendar of events” for each theatre to the following: Office of the President, Department of Event Services, Public Safety Department, Housekeeping Department, Campus Life, Music, Dance & Theater Department, and Facilities Department. Create and maintain filing system.

Supervise a part- time Technical Director who will work directly with the Music, Dance & Theater Department on their theatrical productions and also assist Manager on various production components of other concerts, events and performances.

Hire and manage an “as needed” (hourly) production staff who can provide technical support (lighting, sound, deck, audio-visual) to events, concerts and performances taking place at campus theatres, other venues on campus being used for performance/concert purposes, or off-campus venues used by campus departments or campus affiliated organizations.

Be ready to work with student assistants and work-study students.

Manage budgets assigned to Theater Manager in terms of productions, maintenance, rental contracts, etc.

Be able to establish and maintain safety policies and procedures for all working in and around the theatres.

Serve on various administrative, event and search committees.

Other Duties as required


Candidate must have a B.A degree, 7 years of prior production management, technical theatre, concert, or entertainment industry experience.

Candidate must be able to do basic lighting design, hang, focus and operation of light board, basic sound design, set up, operation of sound board, must have some technical/shop experience to support Tech Director if required on Music, Dance & Theatre Department theatrical productions. Ability to read technical drawings for both lighting and scenic work. Understanding of basic rigging. Ability to lift and carry items up to 50 lbs. Must be willing to work irregular hours including evenings and weekends. Experience managing budgets. Prior experience in a higher education institution is a plus


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