York University Schulich School of Business

MBA Program in Arts, Media & Entertainment Management

York University
4700 Keele St
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
United States



Prof. Joyce Zemans

Program Goals and Objectives

The Schulich MBA Degree in Arts and Media Administration combines the benefits of a strong conventional MBA with elective courses covering skills and knowledge particular to the cultural sector. The MBA offers a broad management education through core courses that cover the skills and techniques used by various functional managers (marketing finance and strategic planning etc.). Through the Arts and Media Administration program students can focus their studies on not-for-profit arts organizations the cultural industries (film broadcasting new media sound recording etc) and government policy with respect to culture and communications. There is an emphasis on practice and research which culminates in a Strategic Field Study of an organization. In addition to the MBA with concentration or Diploma in Arts & Media Administration a combined MBA/MFA or MBA/MA is also available to qualified candidates.


Students may choose to pursue a concentration in Arts and Media Administration or a concentration plus diploma. Completion of the degree typically takes 2 years (full-time) while part-time students typically complete degrees in 3 ½ – 5 years. The following courses are taken in addition to the courses necessary to complete the MBA degree:     Issues in Arts and Cultural Management (prerequisite)     And three of the following courses:     Cultural Policy     Advanced Seminar Arts and Cultural Management     Legal Aspects of the Arts and Entertainment     Communications Policy     Introduction to Broadcast Management All Schulich MBA students complete a Strategy Field Study: an in-depth study of an organization. Students pursuing the Diploma in Arts and Media Administration must complete their Strategy Field Study on a cultural organization. They must also complete a minimum 12 week full-time paid internship in a cultural sector organization.



MBA Admissions Applicants must submit a completed application form including academic transcripts; GMAT scores; TOEFL YELT or IELTS (if English is not first language); 2 letters of reference attesting to demonstrated leadership team skills entrepreneurship community involvement and achievements. A minimum two years of full-time work experience is required. The program generally accepts 25 full & part-time students. Their average GPA is a 3.3/B+. Their GMAT scores range from 580 to 760. A minimum score of 600/250 is required on the TOEFL. Students accepted in the program have an average age of 29 and an average of five years of work experience. MFA/MA Admissions Students will be accepted into this program if they have fulfilled the application requirements in both the MFA(MA) and the MBA as outlined by the university. Students must have a four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent in Fine Arts.