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Dr. Andrew Vorder Bruegge

Program Goals and Objectives

Program Goals

1. To provide students a curriculum of best practices in governance, organizational management, audience development, financial management, and legal principles pertaining to non-profit arts organizations and cultural institutions.

2. To explore evolving technologies, global issues, ethical questions, and leadership practices as they relate to non-profit arts and culture.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate understanding of historical development and strategic planning for non-profit arts and culture organizations.

2. Demonstrate understanding of fiscal sustainability, audience development, and institutional development for non-profit arts and culture organizations.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of and skills in production, distribution, and marketing of the arts and culture.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of key aspects of the legal, policy, and ethical environments of the arts and culture.


18 credits—9 per year spread over two years

 ARTA 600:  Principles and Practices of Arts Administration
 ARTA 610:  Leadership, Management, and Organizational Structure
 ARTA 620:  Marketing the Arts
 ARTA 630:  Financial Analysis, Budgeting, and Fiscal Management
 ARTA 640:  Sustainability: Funding, Development, and Grants
 ARTA 650:  Arts Administration and the Law



Specifically applicants should:

1. Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution; 
2. Have an overall undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
3. Have at least one year of work experience (professional or volunteer) in a non-profit arts/cultural environment;
4. Submit an essay describing their background in a non-profit arts/cultural environment and their reasons for pursuing this degree program; 
5. Submit a current curriculum vitae; and
6. Submit two letters of recommendation. Recommendations from arts and/or academic professionals are preferred.

Once students are admitted to the Graduate Certification in Arts Administration program, they may enroll immediately in the next course that begins after their acceptance. Please refer to the most recent schedule of courses for information on the next course being offered.