Wagner College

Arts Administration

1 Campus Road
Staten Island, New York 10301
United States




Program Goals and Objectives

Preparation for entry level management posts in the arts and arts related organizations.


Bachelor of Science degree.

Acceptance into the program                               
An interview is required for acceptance to the program.  Declaration of the major is best done by the end of the freshman year to take maximum advantage of program offerings.  Students are expected to work closely with faculty advisors and maintain a high GPA.   A 3.0 grade point is desirable for the major and any course grade below a C will not be acceptable toward completion of major requirements.  Students seriously struggling with the coursework and falling behind, will be encouraged to consider alternative paths of study and may not be permitted to proceed.  Transfer Students: Students transferring in from another college are required to spend no fewer than five (5) semesters at Wagner.
Double majors and study abroad: While many successfully study abroad or do a double major, those options often result in the necessity of additional semesters in order to complete all requirements.  Study abroad is best scheduled in the Sophomore year.

Students are required to complete a full semester, full credited full time internship in an arts related organization