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Jerre Brisky

Program Goals and Objectives

While the arts are Creative Disciplines, successful Arts Organizations need people who are not only passionate and knowledgeable about the art, but also have a strong foundation in business and communications. The Interdisciplinary Humanities degree in Arts Administration, combines classes in basic business, communication and artistic skills to give students a well-rounded skill set to work within the non-profit arts world, continue their studies in Graduate School, or apply their varied skills to a related field.

Students will choose to concentrate in Music, Theatre or Visual Art and will be required to take at least 18 semester hours in upper-level classes within that discipline. In addition, students will take 18 hours in Business and Communication classes. 


Arts Administration Core:

TPA 4504 Performing Arts Administration + 3
GRA 2111C Introduction to Graphic Design 3
or ADV 2214 Advertising Graphics I
Total Hours 6

Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience will consist of an internship in the administration department of a concentration appropriate nonprofit arts organization. Students will also be required to submit a paper outlining their internship at its conclusion.

HUM 4911 Interdisciplinary Humanities Capstone 3
Total Hours 3

Fine or Performing Art Concentration

Students will choose a major concentration in Art, Music or Theatre

Art Track:  
ARH 4830C Museum and Gallery Studies + 3
3000/4000 level advisor approved Studio Art or Art History Electives + 15
Music Track:  
MUH 3212 History of Western Music II: 18th through 20th Centuries + 3
3000/4000 level advisor approved Music Electives + 15
Theatre Track:  
TPA 3601 Stage Management + 3
THE 3092 Theatrical Production & Performance 1, + 1
3000/4000 level advisor approved Theatre Electives + 12

1sh for 3 semesters


ACG 3082 Accounting for Non-Majors + 3
COM 2203 Communication Dynamics 3
COM 3003 Integrated Advertising & Public Relations Concepts + 3
MAN 3025 Management Fundamentals + 3
MAR 3023 Marketing Fundamentals + 3
Choose one of the following: 3

PUR 3100

Writing for Public Relations +  

JOU 4306

Writing Critical Reviews +  

ENC 3213

Professional and Technical Writing +  
Advisor Approved Communications Elective (ADV, COM, JOU, or PUR) + 3
Total Hours 21

Courses included in the major GPA

Upper Division Electives 

Student must complete sufficient 3000/4000 level electives to meet UWF’s requirement of 48 semester hours in the upper division or complete all departmental requirements at the 3000/4000 level, whichever is greater. 17

17 Elective hours are designed for students to delve further into either the Artistic area of their choosing and/or into additional Administrative studies.



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