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Master of Science, Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship

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Professor Rebekah Moore

Program Goals and Objectives

Arts administrators are the bridge between creative practitioners and audiences, and between arts institutions and supportive stakeholders. In today’s digitally driven, highly competitive, and increasingly global economy, traditional institutions for visual and performing arts face critical sustainability challenges. Leaders in the arts must adopt the creative thinking and problem-solving skills of an entrepreneur, in order to envision new models for creative practice, audience engagement, and funding. 

The graduate programs in Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship (AACE) prepare arts leaders to both convey the human necessity of creative expression and apply creative thinking to manage resources, inspire audience engagement, and sustain financial support. The arts, and audience opportunities to experience them, are more dynamic and diverse than ever before, flourishing in major arts institutions as well as non-hierarchical organizations, from artist-run spaces and community organizations to annual festivals and pop-up exhibitions. It is time for a transformation in leadership training that matches the ingenuity of today’s most exciting experiments in music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts. Arts leaders must be equipped with the administrative, analytical, and technological skill sets necessary to excel within the complex, interdependent arts ecosystem. 

The Master of Science in Arts Administration + Cultural Entrepreneurship challenges students to create diverse, viable, and sustainable projects and organizations; use entrepreneurial practices to develop and deploy new arts-focused business and analytical skills; and design innovative strategic planning and engagement strategies. Course and project work embeds experiential opportunities to explore and demonstrate transformational arts management approaches.


The AACE curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of arts leaders, from administrators in arts institutions to creative practitioners and entrepreneurs eager to make their art start-up a reality. The program focuses on leadership innovation in a range of performance, visual arts, and cultural organizations. As an intellectual and practical course of study that merges the expertise of academics, creative professionals, administrators, and entrepreneurs, the program’s aim is to support sustainable creative practice.

The MS consists of 30 credit hours. Students may complete the entire program online or choose from a selection of on-campus electives offered through the College of Arts, Media and Design and D’Amore McKim School of Business.

Required Courses (18 credit hours)

  • AACE 6000 Arts and Culture Organizational Leadership (3 CH)
  • AACE 6010 Planning for Arts and Cultural Organizations (3 CH)
  • AACE 6020 Experiential Study in Arts Administration (3 CH)
  • AACE 6200 Programming and Community Engagement for Cultural Entrepreneurs (3 CH)
  • AACE 6210 Building Value Through Cultural Enterprise (3 CH)
  • AACE 6220 Experiential Study in Cultural Entrepreneurship (3 CH)*

 Electives (12 credit hours)

Arts Administration Directed Elective
Complete one of the following:

  • AACE 6100 Marketing and Promotion for the Arts (3 CH)*
  • AACE 6110 Information Technology for Arts and Cultural Organizations (3 CH)
  • AACE 6120 Sustainable Funding for the Arts (3 CH)*

Cultural Entrepreneurship Directed Elective
Complete one of the following:

  • ENTR 6210 Managing Operations for Early Stage Ventures (3 CH)
  • ENTR 6212 Business Planning for New Ventures (3 CH)
  • ENTR 6214 Social Enterprise (3 CH)**
  • ENTR 6216 Global Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 CH)
  • ENTR 6218 Business Model Design and Innovation (3 CH)**
  • TECE 6222 Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (3 CH)**
  • TECE 6250 Lean Design and Development (3 CH)**

Experiential Electives in Arts Leadership
Complete two of the following courses not already taken to fulfill the requirements above:

  • AACE 6100 Marketing and Promotion for the Arts (3 CH)*
  • AACE 6110 Information Technology for Arts and Cultural Organizations (3 CH)
  • AACE 6120 Sustainable Funding for the Arts (3 CH)*
  • AACE Advocacy and the Arts (3 CH)*
  • AACE Innovative Approaches to Audience Engagement (3 CH)*
  • ARTG 6310 Design for Behavior and Experience (4 CH)**
  • MUSI 5540 Special Topics in Music Industry (3 CH)**
  • MUSI 6000 Management of Music Organizations (3 CH)**
  • MUSI 6300 Intellectual Property for Music Management (3 CH)**
  • MUSI 6400 Marketing Strategies in the Music Industry (3 CH)**

*Courses in development for 2019

**Courses available at the Boston campus only


Please visit the CAMD Graduate Studies website for detailed admission information including a listing of required application materials and answers to frequently asked questions.