College of Charleston

Arts Management Program

66 George Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29424
United States



Dr. Karen Chandler

Program Goals and Objectives

Established in 1997 the Arts Management Program at the College of Charleston is the only such program in South Carolina and one of the largest in the South Atlantic region to offer undergraduate study with a major and a minor in arts management. The program offers an academic field of study as well as a career path for those interested in supporting the work of performing visual and media artists in nonprofit and for-profit arts and cultural organizations. The students learn broad management and administrative skills and apply those skills in their work with artists and arts institutions. In addition to being trained for work in the nonprofit arts sector an arts manager possesses transferable management skills for work in hospitals social service agencies educational institutions advertising and design firms commercial music industries video and film companies and other organizations within the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. The program is uniquely situated in an environment well suited for the study of arts management. Charleston’s arts community provides students numerous opportunities for internships career networking and participation in special projects and events.


The College of Charleston offers a B.A. Degree in Arts Management to students who successfully complete 122 credit hours of study including 56 credit hours of general education requirements 45 credit hours of Arts Management Major requirements and 21 credit hours of elective courses. The curriculum includes studies in areas such as audience development marketing volunteerism board development strategic planning fund raising grant writing financial management fund accounting arts law arts policy and special event planning. The program has a close relationship with the School of Business and Economics. Through this relationship students are provided with a strong foundation in coursework in such areas as business law accounting and economics. Major course requirements in Arts Management include: Arts Management Program: * Contemporary Issues in Arts Management * Principles and Practices in Arts Management * Arts Financial Management * Understanding Creativity * Fund Raising and Grant Writing * Arts Marketing and Public Relations * Policy in the Arts * Internship in Arts Management School of Business and Economics: * Financial Accounting * Legal Environment of Business * Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics * School of the Arts: * History of Art from Prehistoric to Renaissance or History of Art from Renaissance through Modern or History of Asian Art * Music Appreciation: The Art of Listening * Introduction to Theatre Division of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures: * Aesthetics or Philosophy of Art



Any student who is admitted to the College of Charleston and who maintains an acceptable grade point average will be accepted and retained in the Arts Management Program. Information on admission to the College of Charleston is available by contacting: Office of Admissions College of Charleston 66 George Street Charleston SC 29424 Telephone: (843) 953-5670 Web: