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Mr. Daniel Green

Program Goals and Objectives

As traditional motion picture television and video game businesses are merging into an integrated digital entertainment landscape the MEIM program provides students with the most up-to-date skills to successfully navigate development production marketing and distribution practices across all entertainment platforms and screens. MEIM Mission Statement The mission of the Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) Program is to increase the capacity effectiveness expertise and impact of management in the for-profit entertainment and media industries and related agencies through structured and rigorous graduate-level academic curricula applied research and service to the field. Students in the MEIM Program learn to: Describe the theoretical foundations of professional management; Apply effective leadership tools skills and techniques; Investigate and expand the field through theoretical and applied research; Function effectively in collaborative team and project-based environments; and Operate effectively in a connected networked and professional world. The MEIM Program achieves its mission through: Individual attention to the needs and aspirations of all students; A culture that nurtures a personal commitment to serve the industry; and An academic community that values diversity promotes creative thinking and encourages ethical behavior.


MEIM Curriculum MEIM instructors strive to develop your management and business skills to support your entrepreneurial vision. Our first-year classroom experiences establish theoretical foundations and key management skills and techniques. The second-year curriculum complements the first year by providing courses specifically related to TV film and gaming production finance and business affairs branding and marketing in the entertainment sector new media business development and the creative process of storytelling in all forms. The second-year courses support the practical application of the first-year’s fundamental management theory and practice within the context of the film gaming and television industries.  We offer the following types of courses: Core courses that cover management technology financial quantitative and communication skills;A second year Capstone Project that serves the same role as a traditional Thesis but goes further by allowing you to work on a topical research project in partnership with a marquee entertainment business client.Practicum assignments (including internships) both in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles that supplement your classroom work and expand  your professional experience and personal network.Seminars and special presentations that are scheduled throughout the two years featuring key national and international figures in the arts entertainment and related policy areas;   The program maintains active relationships with  alumni from the program who stay connected via workshops panels invitations to events and provide mentorship and coaching as well as leads for internships or potential jobs. As two years of graduate study are but a small part of a student’s life-long learning process the MEIM curriculum has been designed within a broader educational vision. Graduate school should build on the more rounded undergraduate experience and prepare a student for the more focused professional environment they will face after earning their advanced degree. The MEIM program was designed to answer the following question: “How can the program best prepare students for the entertainment industry providing both the skills and understanding of the business as it has been in the past coupled with the critical thinking and awareness needed to grow with the business as it will be in the future?



Admissions Applicants for admission to the MEIM program are required to submit the following: a completed application; an essay of at least 1 000 words discussing personal career goals and how the program will develop those skills necessary to achieve those goals; official transcripts of all college-level coursework; three letters of recommendation in envelopes signed and sealed by the writers; an official score report from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT); and TOEFL or IELTS test results if English is not the applicant’s native language.An current resumeA 1-2 minute video essay (optional but highly suggested) Applicants also must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of an art form through their direct experience with arts or cultural organizations and/or undergraduate training. Applications should be submitted as early as possible as applications are reviewed and acted upon as they are received. Applicants who wish to be considered for financial aid should complete the application process by February 1st. Applications received after that date will be considered for financial aid on an as-available basis. Financial aid for students typically includes some combination of partial tuition scholarships loans work-study and management assistant positions in order to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses. For outstanding students a limited number of full and partial tuition scholarships are available on a competitive basis. Applications for admission and financial aid can be obtained from the Heinz School’s Web site: The entire application can be accessed and submitted online. For other questions please contact the Office Admissions and Financial Aid: Office of Admissions and Financial Aid Heinz College Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890 (800) 877-3498