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Arts Administration

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Ms. Susan Zurbuchen

Program Goals and Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Arts Administration program combines study in the arts and humanities with concentrations in business and communication. The program is designed to provide all students with a strong undergraduate liberal arts education, a basic understanding of the business world, and a comprehensive education in the disciplines of the arts. The arts management course work brings together diverse areas of study into a cohesive philosophy for professional preparation. This program provides educational opportunity and training for students seeking to manage or administer creative endeavors. *To provide comprehensive undergraduate liberal arts education which integrates the arts with business skills. *To prepare students for a career working with and in a wide variety of artists and non-profit arts organizations *To offer opportunities for students to learn and develop skills through experimental learning experiences including internships practicum and special projects with small and large arts organizations. *To provide students with the skills to market and manage themselves as professional artists.



Please visit the website to learn more about each of our degree programs. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Arts Administration-Music, Arts Administration-Theatre, Arts Administration-Art, Arts Administratoin-General (for those interested in multiple disciplines), and Dance Arts Administration. By clicking on the respective link for each degree, you will access the curriculum requirements for that degree. The Dance Arts Administration degree link will take you to another page. Click on the degree title there for more information.



In order to be accepted into a discipline-specific Arts Administration degree program (not including Arts Administration-General), prospective students will need to audition or submit a portfolio for review within their respective discipline. To learn more about the admissions process, please visit https://www.butler.edu/arts-administration/applying-arts-administration