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MS in Arts Administration



Mr. Lanfranco Aceti

Program Goals and Objectives

Founded at Boston University’s Metropolitan College in 1993, the Arts Administration master’s degree and graduate certificates emphasize excellence, creativity, economic problem solving, internationalism, and a commitment to the technologies of our age as core values in its curriculum.

The socioeconomic and political challenges of the day bring a renewed importance to the work of cultural entrepreneurs, artists, producers, curators, policy-makers, and administrators who embrace the challenge of re-thinking and re-shaping the fundamentals of contemporary society. Our students are prepared for the global responsibilities of the arts in the twenty-first century, and are eager to play leadership roles within visual arts, performing arts, and arts service organizations in public, private, and nonprofit sectors worldwide.


Master’s students must successfully complete 40 credit hours (10 courses). The curriculum is made up of 4 core courses (Group A), 4 courses from Group B (including an international travel study), and 1 course from Group C (optional).

Group A 
The Art World
Financial Management in Non-profits
Legal Issues in Arts Administration 
Internship in Arts Administration I & II

Group B
Arts Leaders Forum 
Raising Funds and Grant Writing for Non-profits
Writing for the Arts 
Capital Campaigns 
Marketing and Audience Development for the Arts
Educational Programming in Cultural Institutions 
Individual Fundraising 
Political and Public Advocacy for the Arts 
Research and Program Evaluation in Arts Administration  
Arts and the Community
Managing Performing Arts Organizations 
Managing Visual Arts Organizations 
Comparative Cultural Policy and Administration (Dublin/London)
Public Art Program Administration  
Special topic: Arts and Culture in Mexico: Revolution to the Present  
Arts in Barcelona
Cultural Entrepreneurship 
Advanced Management and Consulting for Arts Organizations  
Thesis I 
Thesis II  

Group C
The Museum and Historical Agency
Curatorship: Exhibition Development
Contemporary Public Relations
Evaluating and Developing Markets for Cultural Tourism 
Negotiations and Organizational Conflict Resolution
Leadership in Management 
Principles and Practices of Advertising
History and Theory of Urban Planning
The Boston Urban Symposium
Project Management
Understanding and Managing Heritage Tourism
Ethics in Management



All students must have a baccalaureate degree; students are also expected to have a demonstrable, discipline-based expertise in one art area, usually satisfied by an undergraduate degree in the arts but it is possible to document expertise by alternative means. Candidates are selected on the basis of undergraduate transcripts, academic and personal references, and interviews; international students must have a TOEFL minimum score of 95.

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