Erin Reed | Arts Administration

University of Kentucky

On occasion, you find something in life that makes your heart swell up. You know the feeling, right? That moment where you’re so overcome by joy that you just can’t quite find the words to sum it up? That feeling that only something like music or the colors of a vibrant sunset can capture? Maybe you’ve felt it while teaching a student to read, or while doing biology research, or while making music with an ensemble, or while doing a math problem. I felt it in kindergarten, watching a...

Meredith Savage| Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management

Point Park University

Meredith Savage B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2014 VIP Services AND Hospitality Specialist, Madison Square Garden Company "When I visited Point Park, it was my first time to Pittsburgh, and I fell in love with the city and the SAEM program. I knew that I wanted to move to NYC after graduating college, and the city of Pittsburgh was a great size and offered the opportunity to get used to living in an urban area before moving to NYC. All of the SAEM...

Megan Sear | Arts Administration

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Allentown, PA Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English Ursinus College Fun fact: Megan got to live and work in Boston for six weeks over the summer. What is your connection to the arts? Megan grew up dancing at local studios in the Lehigh Valley but became passionate about dance as an art form in college. Her experience was great there as far as performance opportunities, amazing professors, and just a welcoming arts environment. Now she teaches dance...

Devario Simmons | Performing Arts

Clemson University

Devario Simmons (Theatre) Costume Designer, MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University Selected Credits: Associate Designer for Soft Power at the Public Theatre (designed by Anita Yavich), Associate Costume Designer for all productions of Come From Away (designed by Toni-Leslie James)

Lindsay So | Arts Administration

Drexel University

ADVANCING ARTS, CULTURE, AND THE CREATIVE ECONOMY LINDSAY TUCKER SO MS, Arts Administration '13   Lindsay So is an arts administrator who is passionate about helping arts and culture and non-arts sectors serve as effective allies for one another. Her experiences in the field have shaped her community-minded approach to developing cultural programs and solutions to benefit Philadelphians. Lindsay joined the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy...

Hugh Stumpp | Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management

Point Park University

Hugh Stumpp B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2010 Associate House Manager, Jujamcyn Theatres, New York City Point Park's SAEM program appealed to me because of the variety of courses I was able to take. When I started my freshman year, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I was interested in sports, theatre and music. By joining the SAEM program, I was able to learn about each area and see how the different industries have many similarities and how...

Jenny Thompson | Arts Administration

University of Kentucky

CFA recently caught up with Jenny Thompson, who earned her Masters of Arts Administration from UKY in 2015, and asked what she has been up too since graduation. We were thrilled to learn that she is now the Senior Director of Development & Revenue Strategies at Gibney Dance Company in New York City. Thompson, who also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study in Dance Studies, Choreography, & Performance Writing, tells us that, not only does she...

Ross Werner | Arts Administration

Butler University

The Arts Administration program at Butler allowed me to combine several passions of mine into a cohesive curriculum where I was able to do everything I wanted, obtain once-in-a-lifetime experiences/ internships, learn from truly world-class faculty, and ultimately secure a full-time working position before graduation day. I cannot thank Butler University/Jordan College of...

Rhea Werner | Arts Management

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Rhea Werner ’15: From MCLA to a Ph.D in London 03/14/18 A recent graduate of City University London’s master’s degree program in culture, policy and management, Rhea Werner ’15 plans to pursue her Ph.D in arts management at one of two other London universities. Both programs are a perfect fit, she said, for her focus on cultural identity. As a participant in one of MCLA’s travel courses to Ireland, Werner traveled to the United Kingdom for the first time in 2013. The...

Rachel Winkler | Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management

Point Park University

Rachel Winkler B.S. in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management, 2014 Development Operations Assistant, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts "Location, real-world experience, small classes, endless opportunities. Point Park is such a unique college and really prepares students for their future. Being Downtown surrounded by sport stadiums, performing arts stages and entertainment venues gives you a variety of opportunities you might not have elsewhere."