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Author Title Type Category Published
Rosewall, Ellen Arts and Cultural Management: Critical and Primary Sources Book Arts Administration (General) January 25, 2018
Boyle-Clapp, Dee, with Brown, Maren; and Gard, Maryo Fundamentals of Arts Management, 6th Ed. Book Arts Administration (General) 2016
Hare, Glenn Allen Reporting The Arts At The State Newspaper: News Coverage Of Arts And Entertainment At South Carolina’s Largest Daily Newspaper Thesis 2006
Allison, Jamie Rae Envision: Creating A Professional Organization For Visual Arts Instructors Of Students Who Are Visually Impaired Thesis 2010
Talford, Joetta Irving Arts Marketing 101: Effective Strategies For Building Relationships With Cultural Audiences Thesis 2005
Tromsness, Anne Bailey Kelly Incorporating Service Into Young Artist Training: Programs And Practices At the South Carolina Governor’s School For the Arts And Humanities Thesis 2011
Williams, Katherine A. Art In Healthcare: Changing the Face Of Carolinas Healthcare System Thesis 2013
Wilkes, Rachel Elizabeth Nonprofit Enterprises: The End Of Martyrdom Thesis 2012
Woolwine, Amanda The Albany Bulb And John Dewey’s Art As Experience Thesis 2011
Santucci, Gina M. A Shift In Dynamics To Choice-Based Arts Education Thesis 2012

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