Program Location Certification Tags
American University
MA in Arts Management
Washington DC, United States
MA (Graduate) alumni network, Applied Learning, Board Leadership, coaching, Consulting, Creative Industries, Dance, diversity, EALS, Entrepreneurship, Fellowship, inclusion, inter-disciplinary, international, Internships, internships, Kennedy Center, Leadership, Management, Multidisciplinary, museums, Music, national, Online, Performing Arts, practicum, Smithsonian, Sotheby's, Theater, thought leader, Visual Arts, Washington DC
Drexel University
Entertainment and Arts Management
Pennsylvania, United States
BS (Undergraduate) Creative Industries, Dance, Entrepreneurship, international, Internships, Multidisciplinary, Music, Performing Arts, Theater, Theatre, Urban Campus
Northwestern University
MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises
Illinois, United States
MS (Graduate) alumni network, Applied Learning, Creative Industries, Dance, Entrepreneurship, inter-disciplinary, international, Internships, Leadership, Management, Multidisciplinary, museums, Music, Performing Arts, Theater, Theatre, Visual Arts
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Arts Administration and Policy
Illinois, United States
MA (Graduate) diversity, EALS, Entrepreneurship, inclusion, inter-disciplinary, international, Leadership, Management, Multidisciplinary, museums, national, Performing Arts, practicum, Theatre, thought leader, Urban Campus, Visual Arts