Call for Nominations

AAAE Newsroom

The AAAE Board Development committee is pleased to announce the call for nominees to serve on the 2017-18 Board of Directors.

Participation on the board of directors is an opportunity to lend one’s leadership and vision to the organization, and to work with the board and staff in charting the organization’s future. If you are interested in running for election or in nominating a colleague, please see below for more information.


You may nominate yourself or a colleague by sending an email to Sherry Wagner-Henry at swh AT If you are nominating a colleague, AAAE will contact them to ask if they will accept the nomination. The call for nominations will remain open until January 20, 2017.

If an individual accepts a nomination and chooses to run, they will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and submit a photo and CV. This information will be shared with the membership in preparation for the elections.


For the first time, AAAE will hold board elections online in advance of the conference. This means that every institutional member named on your organization’s membership may vote, whether or not they will attend the conference. The voting window will be approximately 10 days long, and will take place in early February.


Board members serve for three-year terms and may stand for re-election into a second term. All board members serve on AAAE committees, provide counsel and partnership to AAAE’s staff, attend the annual conference, and serve as an AAAE representative in the community. The board meets quarterly, twice in person and twice remotely (with an additional meeting during the annual conference).